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Naturally, there are NO CONTRACT SELLS on the chart for TrueDefi as we are pioneers of a system that eliminates undesirable and harmful contract sales. The TrueDefi Technology is used to fund these various areas by collecting the BNB with each transaction, not by gathering and mass-selling native TrueDefi Tokens. None of the swapper fees go to pay the team – swapper fees are entirely used to benefit the chart, the holders, and the project as a whole – the team is paid as a portion of token volume. Essentially, our success depends on our hard work and success!

4% to LP
2% to Dev Team
4% to Marketing
2% to Rewards
6% to LP
2% to Dev Team
4% to Marketing
4% to Rewards
About us

TrueDefi provides a revolutionary new way for cryptocurrency projects to collect taxes without the use of a distributor contract that stores and later sells native project tokens in bulk. TrueDefi performs these functions safely, efficiently and with each individual transaction, and is able to be fully integrated with existing projects. TrueDefi utilizes existing DEX/Liquidity pools and does not require that a token host their project on a specific DEX to incorporate. This means that TrueDefi can be deployed seamlessly regardless of the chain or DEX. The only requirement is that the contract is able to whitelist the TrueDefi contract from taxes so it can interact with the existing DEX, LP Pool, and blockchain efficiently.

TrueDefi has an in-demand use case for any token on any network that collects taxes as part of their buying and/or selling fees. As TrueDefi can be utilized with almost any existing or new contact, it is extremely simple to set up and begin use. Projects utilizing TrueDefi will immediately begin receiving taxes to be collected on a per-transaction bases to indicated project wallets, and projects that successfully drive their trading traffic through the TrueDefi Swapper can all but completely eliminate contract sales that always seem to occur at the worst of times, eliminating fear, uncertainty, and doubt caused by untimely contract sales.

What is the TrueDefi Market ?

Each blockchain is saturated by tokens that employ taxes to fund a variety of purposes such as: buyback and burn, rewards, marketing, dev team pay, charity, community rewards, etc. One of the greatest challenges for these projects is the way that the contract must collect tokens over a period of time, until enough are accumulated to trigger a large sell on the chart to fund these purposes. Even over a year after the introduction of contract sales, this continues to be a point of concern and contention for investors, with many projects blaming “too many contract sells” or “contract sells at inopportune times” for the failure of a project to thrive. Telegram and discord channels employ bots to warn users when the contract is selling, warning investors. It seems regardless of the amount of education this is still a source of frustrating FUD.


There are thousands of active projects that can benefit from eliminating frustrating contract sells, creating a natural and healthy chart that continually executes the tax collection system. Contracts cannot perform this function traditionally with each transaction because the number of native token transactions that would take place would be gas-prohibitive for buyers and sellers, raising the tax to an unreasonable rate. TrueDefi can execute this trade with a patent-pending unique approach to splitting the BNB before and after the execution of the trade without the use of a separate DEX or LP pool, creating a much more gas-efficient and chartbeneficial system of trading.


When projects learn about the opportunity that TrueDefi provides to overcome the challenges of contract sales, and understand that they can begin to accumulate marketing, development, and buyback funds with EACH transaction, there is no hesitation to incorporate this technology for the benefit of the project and the holders.

Smart Contract & Token

TrueDefi is a scaling elastic token which is inflationary during the first 600 days (approx 20 months), moving toward a net 0% inflation within that time.

The logic behind this approach is simple: reward holders, stabilize price during heavy growth phase, and steadily shift to long term net-deflationary supply providing steady price increase during the entire life of the project.

As an elastic supply token, investors are automatically earning interest on their tokens in their wallets without the risk, effort, or gas involved in utilizing staking pools.The APY schedule is realistic and designed to help the natural growth of the token as we materialize into our long-term market cap.

This will result in an APY that is decreasing at a stable rate, rewarding early and long-term holders the most while simultaneously protecting all token holders by generating a reasonable APY that does not outstrip buying demand

Linear APY Reduction 1200% -> 0% in 600 days


TrueDefi is published on the Binance Smart Chain and is a BEP-20 token. The coding utilizes the most up-to-date safeguards to ensure the solidity of the coding. Defi Solutions Inc provides a variety of resources for smart contract developers including the most effective anti-bot protections, guidelines for safety from nefarious internal actors, and short and long-term safety solutions that ensure the longevity of every aspect of a project.


TrueDefi will be audited to ensure safety for all investors. We recognize that most issues that arise are not related to contract coding, but rather team issues. The TrueDefi team is doxxed and KYC’ed and members of a legally registered entity. Any noted audit issues with the contract will be simply related to the fact that the contract remains and will remain un-renounced.


The Binance Smart Chain Contract ownership is stored in a multi-signature wallet, ensuring no individual on the team can take any actions without the consent and knowledge of another team member. The smart contract has limited functions that permit modification, and has protections in place to prevent any nefarious actions to be taken by the team as individuals or in unison. Defi Solutions Inc. recognizes that taking the appropriate steps to safeguard a project and contract is possible, while still giving the flexibility to manage an un-renounced contact with a team that is able to respond flexibly as the needs of the company progress. The Smart Contract will not be renounced, and has been created with limited functions that are accessible by the owner to ensure the safety and security of all investors.

Token sale term
TrueDefi Token
BSC (BEP-20)
Total Initial Supply:
Seed / Presale Price:
1BNB = 1000 Tokens
Total Seed / Presale:
400 BNB
Total Initial Market Cap:
1000 BNB
Fund distribution
  • 250BNB PancakeSwap
  • 100BNB Development/Marketing
  • 50BNB Initial Treasury
Token distribution
  • 6% Team
  • 40% Seed / Private Presale
  • 25% Pancake Swap
  • 29% Locked – Future DEX / CEX / CrossChain / Burn
Our Strategy and Project Plan
Q2 – 2022
-Integrate first 10 Projects – “Buy Only” Trial
-Finalize TrueDefi Dapp
-Private Presale
-Upgrade first 10 Projects & Onboard 15 Additional Projects
-Realize first $5,000 Revenue – Hold for Launch buybacks
-Telegram Development, Grow to 1000 Organic Users
-AMA tour pre-launch
-Establish official community leaders and socials team with
clearly communicated expectations and pay
-Publish referral bonus terms and community marketing
-Token Launch prior to end of Q2
Q3 – 2022
-Grow total project use to 75 total projects / average $3k
daily volume / Realize $30k Monthly Revenue from TrueDefi
Swapper use
-Update revenue projections and potential impact over
next 6 months
-Integrate TrueDefi Swapper into projects on multiple
-Achieve greater referral onboarding than team marketing
onboarding, fully engaging community
-Continued AMA marketing to small organic groups of
legitimate users
-Telegram Development, Grow to 2000 Organic Users
-White Label purchase of patent-pending technology
Q4 – 2022
-Grow total project use to 150 total projects across multiple
chains/ average $4k daily volume / realize $75k Monthly
Revenue from TrueDefi Swapper
-Cost/Benefit analysis of CEX listings
-Update revenue projections and potential impact over
next 12 months
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